After a decade-long obsession with New York, I’m finally moving to the City, one year after graduating from Reed College and bumming around back home in Hawaii. I’ll be documenting the twists and turns of this move, from finding an apartment to a suitable job to my favorite grocer – tasks any person moving to a new city will encounter. I’ll also be including random pieces throughout the blog, e.g. recipes I try, restaurants I discover.  Food is a big part of my life, after all. Hopefully some of you can learn from (or laugh at) my successes and mistakes.

P.S. The background image of this blog is of a drawing made by my friend Chelsea for my high school graduation present. I am depicted rushing down a street in New York, coffee in hand. Thank you, Chelsea, for drawing my dreams.


2 thoughts on “Self-Justification

  1. I have had the exact same obsession and the exact same plan, although mine will take a little longer to get there (I still have my year of bumming around ahead of me) I cannot wait to read your adventures and get my NYC fix from here! And hopefully get some handy tips for when I make the jump! x

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